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Equipment Needed for Cannabis


There are many ways to consume cannabis. Every flower enthusiast has their preference, developed through curious experimentation. While there is no definitive equipment needed for cannabis, there are plenty of fun options and accessories out there to try. Finding the most comfortable equipment for yourself is important. Cannabis is meant to be a highly enjoyable experience, not a wasted attempt gone up in smoke!

In the following post, we’ve rounded up the most popular tools for smoking weed like a true reefer pro. 


Joints will never get old. Even with all the newfangled high-tech accessories on the market now, most pot smokers agree that nothing replaces the magic of a joint smoking session. There are all kinds of papers on the market. Some are thin, which means they smoke slower, and some are thicker, which means they burn faster. There are also bleached, unbleached, organic, cellophane, and hemp papers available. It’s up to your personal preference. 


Unless you’re using a vape, you’re going to need a lighter. For a regular toker, carrying a lighter is as important as carrying a credit card or a smartphone. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to spark one up and discovering you’re fire-free. Some people prefer to use a butane or Zippo lighter, but your classic Bic lighter will more than suffice. 


It may sound obvious, but it has to be said: an ashtray is a must-have piece of equipment for any cannabis consumer. Whether smoking a joint, pipe, or bong, you’ll need to make sure to put the ashes in an ashtray. Maintaining a clean smoke space is essential and ashtrays reduce mess and keep things hygienic. Plus, it can be a home statement piece. This is evidenced by the amount of design and stylish ashtrays on the market these days.

Pipes and One-Hitters

Rolling a joint can be time-consuming. Plus there can’t be any breeze and you need a totally flat surface. Sometimes you’re looking for a quick fix on the go, and nothing gets the job done more efficiently than a pipe or a one-hitter. If you’re heading out on a hike or an adventure, pipes are the way to go. If you’re looking for something even more discreet than a pipe, a one-hitter is recommended. 


Many cannabis experts agree that bongs are the best piece of cannabis equipment to invest in. Ranging in price from cheap to obscenely luxe, a bong is more than a classic stoner cliché. Bongs provide added safety to your smoke sesh. They remove over half of the carcinogens found in a joint. Plus, the flavour profile of any given cannabis strain is pronounced with a bong. Bong advocates also swear that the high is better and more euphoric than any other method of ingestion.


If you’re worried about your throat or lungs, then vapes can be the way to go. For an at-home vaporizer, you’ll want to look into a volcano vape, which works similar to a bong, but without the water or burning bud. That’s what’s unique about vapes: they don’t actually burn the weed, they simply heat it to the point of releasing vapour. There are also plenty of portable pocket vapes for sale.


While a set of scissors and a shot glass can do the trick, a sturdy weed grinder is more stylish and simple to break up your bud. Quality really does matter when it comes to a grinder. If you get a cheap one, it tends to get stuck after just a few cranks and isn’t easy to separate. And if it isn’t made of a good material, more of your weed will get trapped in the teeth than released into the chamber for your usage. You get what you pay for when it comes to grinders

Rolling Trays

Plain and simple, you want a clean and flat surface to prepare your bud. Busting it up on the coffee table means a mess that’s mixed with your dog’s fur, last night’s dinner crumbs, and a bunch of dust. A rolling tray will ensure that your weed is not wasted and that it’s got a clean and organized prep area. 


A poker is handy for packing joints and also clearing pipes or bongs that are clogged with cannabis resin. It’s a less sought-after piece of cannabis equipment, but it’s worth its weight as a tool in your pot kit. Regardless of your smoking method, you’re going to be in desperate need of a poker and remember this article telling you that you need one. After each use, wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol to keep it clean and hygienic. 

Roach Clips

More stylish and less sketch than using your tweezers, a roach clip is a device made to get the very most out of your joint or blunt. It prevents you from burning your fingers or mouth as you savour every last puff of your reefer stick. While not an essential piece of equipment, it’s worthwhile to invest in if you’re an avid joint smoker. 

Stash Box

Even with cannabis being legal and increasingly destigmatized, everyone needs a discreet place to store their flower and tools. Whether a pouch, a bag, an old cigar box, or your grandfather’s heirloom, a stash box is an essential piece of storage equipment needed for cannabis. Stash boxes keep things organized, clean, fresh, and many of the stash boxes on the market today are also scent-proof. 

Summing it Up

If you’re looking to expand your inventory of cannabis equipment, the aforementioned are the most popular reefer tools on the market today. The price points of these cannabis tools can vary greatly, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire high quality cannabis accessories. Speak with your local budtender at your favourite dispensary to discover the best accessories available in your area. 

Peers Cannabis is ready to help you with your cannabis needs. Speak with one of our representatives to get started!

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