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Common Cannabis Stereotypes


Even before weed entered mainstream culture, there had been so much buzz around this substance that it painted it in a negative light. Stoner stereotypes paint a very different light for an average cannabis user, painting them in a negative light.

Marijuana is stigmatized by society and looked down upon as lazy and lethargic. However, many benefits are less discussed. This article will talk about some of the common stoner stereotypes and aim to debunk some of them.

The Stereotypes of Cannabis

People who indulge in cannabis consumption are lazy:

This is perhaps the most common misconception that doesn’t seem to leave marijuana users. Even in pop culture media like movies and tv shows, people who smoke weed are often regarded as unmotivated individuals who always feel tired.

However, if you are a regular user, you probably know that this characteristic of cannabis consumers widespread in society is far from the truth. There are many benefits of cannabis use, including making people more productive and active.

Many successful public personalities and individuals thrive on it. Even for professional athletes, weed seems to be one of the substances that aid in their performance, which is much safer than other pharmaceuticals.

To further this debate, you can take the example of a study conducted by Colorado University, which found that 80% of people who exercise include cannabis in their routine.

It makes people do criminal activity:

This is one of the most far-fetched stoner stereotypes that has taken form. Although the war on drugs has always been a political and social concern, it is not a hard drug that impairs the moral compass of a person.

This pessimistic idea of the cannabis industry has mostly to do with the illegal nature of the substance. Although, with more legalization of weed in the world, this is hopefully changing

While the illegal status of the substance may drive it to become a gateway drug for more dangerous drug trafficking, it is not always the case. in fact, the average consumer that you see on your street does not have any ties to the black market or the desire to start a drug cartel.

The truth is that there is less crime in places where the use is legalized.

People who consume cannabis are unsuccessful:

It is not unheard of that students regularly use weed to help with concentration and studies, and it is also known to enhance the creativity levels of individuals. Consuming weed may be a better alternative to taking pharmaceutical drugs that give you the same effects because of the side effects that you might incur.

Take the example of Steve Jobs, one of the most successful people on earth- the founder of Apple, Inc., who said that marijuana helped him stay relaxed and aided in his creative process. Another example is Bob Marley, famous for marijuana use even before the legalization movement.

All cannabis users are drug addicts:

Since cannabis is considered a gateway drug, it is often assumed that many cannabis users naturally become drug addicts.

Making matters worse is the fact that it can be smoked. To non-cannabis users, it only makes sense that anything that has to do with smoking is addictive; hence the go-to stoner stereotype is that they are drug addicts.

It does not contain any nicotine, the substance in cigarettes that makes it addictive. Plus, it can be consumed through food, candies, and gummies, known as edibles.

Also, many people take weed for the thrill of the moment, probably when hanging out with a group of friends. So a person who smokes weed is not always an addict. There are also many strains of weed that can dictate how you feel.

However, certain traits may make it easy to form the habit of smoking cannabis. Recreational drug use may lead to drug abuse if you take massive amounts of marijuana. When the user becomes chronic, you might suffer from marijuana addiction, making this stoner stereotype true.

Using cannabis makes you paranoid:

While it is true that one of the prominent side effects can cause paranoia in the person, it doesn’t mean that everyone who smokes weed is paranoid all the time.

This stoner stereotype comes from the side effects of smoking weed. But it largely depends on the type of weed you smoke and the THC content. In most cases, if you are smoking cannabis for productivity or helping you concentrate on work, it is unlikely that you will differ from paranoia.


Some side effects of weed are harmful to the body, but not all the common stoner stereotypes of cannabis you see on the news are accurate or true.

There are many positives of marijuana legalization that make this a drug that can benefit the user by making them more productive and creative. Check out Tier1 for all your cannabis needs. Speak with one of our representatives today. 




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