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About us


Instead of fighting the old, we focus on building the new. Excellence belongs to those who create it, so we chose to drive disruption instead of letting it happen to us.

For us, that means moving away from high-yield cultivars popular in the industry to smaller, high-quality varietals. It’s about divesting away from complicated grow processes and investing in innovative, sustainable approaches. By focusing on nutrient and microclimate management, the best of crafted quality cannabis is cultivated not with our bottom line in mind, but with excellence.


Unique cultivars and specifically chosen phenotypes are the crux of our operation. We begin with the best to produce the best. Nothing but top-shelf genetics through-and-through.



Small batches keep quality and freshness at their peak. A rotating roster of limited availability, limited-quantity varietals ensure that each and every bud is prime for a superlative experience.


Elevated genetics is one way we’re keeping it genuinely green. Eco-friendly practices is another. Peat recycling, biofuel investment, and other sustainable technologies come together to help our planet flourish as well as our cultivars.


Supreme Sourcing

We champion our seeds before they’re even in the ground. Moving beyond the generic, our genetics are exclusive, limited, and select. Our premium sourcing supports our entire operation, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Intimately Invested

We’re with our flower every step of the way. Each cultivar enjoys a unique, micro-climate environment with precise nutrient management to ensure excellence. Small batch sizes and limited runs let us get intimately acquainted with each and every varietal.

Engineered to be Enjoyed

The numbers don’t lie. Stringent quality control, tracking, and monitoring processes keep our flower at the top of their game. Eco-friendly packaging is the cherry on top, so you can feel good about your purchase while being good to the planet.


We’re green – not mean. Got a question or concern? Let’s talk cannabis.

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